"Foshan Shunde Jiumei Electrical Co., Ltd." is a professional manufacturer of fluid pressure control components, the major products included but not limited: Pressure switches, Pressure controller,Pressure sensor,Pressure transmitter,Air-conditioner pressure switch, Oil pressure switch, Wind pressure switch,Steam pressure switch, Pump pressure switch, Explosion-proof pressure switch, Stainless steel pressure switch, Water pressure switch, Adjustable pressure switch, Adjustable pressure controller, Vacuum pressure controller,etc.

   Our products are used advanced stainless steel pressure sensor, stainless steel bellows, stainless steel diaphragms to produce . They have the advantages of small size, easy installation, accurate pressure control,stable performance and can monitor and control the system inner pressure automatically, avoid the system inner pressure too high or too low, output alarm signal, ensure equipment-working in a range of safe pressure.

   Our products can apply to various fluid,such as freezing medium, steam, compressed air, industrial gas, hydraulic oil, fuel gas, fuel oil, corrosive fluid, water, wind,etc.

   Our products are widely used in household appliances, Commercial appliances, Industrial equipments, Communication and Transportation, Water supply systems, Fire fighting system,Petrochemical industries, Medical equipments.Such as air-conditioner system, Water heater, Boilers, Coffee machines, Vacuum cleaners, Dehumidifiers, Freezers, Ice makers, Steam engine, Cooking utensils, Air compressors, Numerical control machine tool, Hydraulic machinery, Glass machinery, Water treatment equipments, Air purifying equipments, Ventilation system, Welding equipments, Vacuum system, Hydraulic equipments, Engineering machinery, Chemical machinery, Steam sterilization equipments, Dental equipments, Oxy generator, Pharmaceutical equipment,Cars, Trains, Ship, Planes,etc.

   Our senior engineers, specializing in fluid pressure control more than 20 years, are still learning from advanced foreign technology, gaining the successful experience from USA,German and Japan, using the international best testing equipments and key raw materials to progress our production.

   We have standard operation procedure(SOP) for all our production. We have the certificates of ISO9001:2008 / CQC / CE / UL / EX / ROHS,The rate of quality problems of all productions is less than 100PPM.
   "Customer satisfaction" is our business objectives.
   "Professional and single-minded" is our business direction.
   "Technical Support" is our constant commitment.
   Sincerely welcome to our company and choose "NineGood" brand fluid pressure control components.